I Kissed a Girl!!


I’ve been getting quite a few messages about Kane’s Favorite 55304318Things and when it will be coming back. First, TOTALLY AWESOME that you’re enjoying it!! And secondly, this Friday! Lots and lots of shenanigans have kept me busy and away from the ole blog these last few weeks. I’m really excited to announce that one of the artists featured in Kane’s Favorite Things has agreed to an interview!!!

©Raising Kane Photo Co. Models: Carl White, Mandi Kay, Justin Edwards

©Raising Kane Photo Co.
Models: Carl White, Mandi Kay, Justin Edwards

I held my first major shoot of the year a few weeks ago. It featured a new and two very well established cover models. This session was a blast! We took several hundreds of images that you can start viewing at Raising Kane Photo Co. More will be added throughout the week, so make sure you check back often.

I had the honor and privilege of putting my journalism hat back
katrinaon for a feature with Wicked Women Books and More. I was asked to chronicle my own experience with book pirating, what can be done and what I thought was really to blame. It’s a bit long, but it offers a different perspective and some technological insight. Be sure to check out Pirating: Are Bloggers Really to Blame?

I-am-sorry-apologyIf you follow my Facebook page, earlier last week you were probably shocked by a post I made. It was not a typical post for me, and one that was very painful to make. For those that called, messaged and texted, THANK YOU!! From the bottom of my heart ❤

Pressure had been building for a few weeks, and our Min Pin’s sudden illness was the final blow for me. Like most pet owners, our dogs are beloved members of the family. Sonny, our 6 year old Min Pin, began getting very sick over a very short period of time. He was diagnosed with Rapid Onset Advance Stage Diabetes. He lost all vision within 48 hours. His prognosis seemed dire, and after a great deal of discussion, we made the heartbreaking decision to have him put to sleep. We were all devastated. Tuesday morning, I called the vet to schedule it. The words were locked in my throat, but bless her sweet heart, she knew what I was trying to say. That night, we gave him extra treats and extra love. Hugs, kisses and tears. I stayed up with him the whole night, trying to convince myself that it was the right and best decision. My head and my heart refused to agree. The next morning, I carried him to the truck and said one last goodbye. My heart felt like a shattered piece of glass ripping its way through my chest. I don’t know how much time passed before my husband finally called, but when I answered the phone… It felt like my heart collapsed and exploded at the same time. The vet had a new therapy they wanted to try!! They were going to keep him and see what happened!!! Three days and we would know if it worked. Sonny had a chance!!!!

Wiping really happy tears away.

Wiping really happy tears away.

I was able to visit him on Friday, and the difference was nothing short of a miracle! He looked fuller, healthier and REALLY happy to sniff his Momma. My heart was filled with so much joy, I kissed the vet!! I’m not sure which of us was in more shock! Then again, it wasn’t like a full on KISS kiss. It was more of “grabbed her cheeks and kissed her forehead” kind of kiss. But she totally got it, and apparently I’m not the only Pet Momma to plant one on her either!kiss_me_im_a_veterinarian_posters-r9cb13e086b174bb49f4789be036aea86_w2q_8byvr_512

Saturday morning, The Man brought Sonny home!!! Needless to say, we are all overjoyed to have our little buddy back, healthy and happy!! We have to make a few changes with regard to furniture, the beds and stairs, and I’m learning some new diabetic treat recipes. He does have to have two shots a day, so we are rearranging schedules and plans to ensure that one of us is always home when it’s time for a shot. He does really well with them, too. The needle is so tiny, I don’t think he even notices it. He also seems to be getting at least a little of his vision back. The vet said it was possible, and I can tell he can, at the very least, distinguish sharp contrasts.

I do have some other really REALLY exciting news on the book front, but like they say, “Nothing’s final till you see it on paper” 😉

Thank you all so much for bearing with me these last few weeks. It means a whole lot to me.

Penned Con 2014 Wrap Up


10425867_326353917547000_2832998122973676364_nIt was my very first signing as an author, and more fun than I could have imagined!!! So many great things happened during this event, I could fill PAGES and still not be able to tell you everything.

Before I share my wrap up, there are a few people I want to acknowledge.

Dawn Pendleton offered me half of her table before she’d even read a single word of my dusty manuscript. The amount of faith this amazing woman had in me is STILL humbling and inspiring. When she told me she wasn’t going to be able to make it, my heart broke a little bit. The thing I looked forward to most was finally being able to give her a hug (and a copy of the book that FINALLY got published!) I kept the little sign with our names on it. It’s been tacked to my inspiration board, where it will stay forever and always.

Faith Goddard is the cover model for Shattered Dreams. Without her, my book couldn’t have been “mine.” We spent hours out in hot, grass hopper infested fields, twisting, turning, falling and laughing until we finally stumbled on that perfect shot. She has been one of my dearest and most cherished friends. Seeing her there, with the book we worked so hard to finish, will be a memory I carry with me always.

Susan Garwood. My Momma Bear. Shattered Dreams COULD NOT have happened without this amazing woman. She took a BIG CHANCE on me. She read my book when it was just scraps of paper. She suffered through my hissy fits and temper tantrums, hours of writes and rewrites, and she held my hand when I finally took the leap. She has been my biggest fan from the very start and there will never be a word I pen that she hasn’t guided.

The Man and The Hooligans ❤ None of anything would have been possible without their love and support. Penned Con was the very first time in 13 years I went ANYWHERE without them. It was hard at first. I wanted them there. But coming home in the middle of the night, seeing them all standing outside waiting for me… I will keep that memory in my heart forever.

And finally, Jennifer. A dear and true friend who cheered me on from the very start! Her’s were the first pair of eyes to see the actual, PRINTED novel in live and living color! She may never know how much her support means to me.

And now, for the Wrap Up! I made a video with as many pictures as I could manage. I was such a nervous wreck, most times I forgot how to spell my own name! I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures because I was just too shy to ask. Tara Sivec PEOPLE!! I was an author at signing WITH Tara Sivec!! And Jasinda Wilder. And Abby Glines. AND AMALIE SILVER!!! OMG! The list goes on! I was in a room full of amazingly talented authors, and I could barely manage to make eye contact I was so nervous!

So, here is my video 🙂 I hope you enjoy! Thank you Rick and Amy Miles, Red Coat PR, and all the amazing people that put this event together! You guys ROCK!!!