Dark Incarnate: Roman’s Redemption (Review/Interview)


Romans Redemption eCover“I have become pure evil.” Roman’s Redemption is book two in the Roman Series by Best Selling Author Kimber S. Dawn. Darkness incarnate, Kimber takes you on a mind trip that will have you guessing, crying, cringing and smiling. My relationship with Roman is a lot like what I imagine Stockholm syndrome might feel like. Roman captured me in book 1, and hasn’t let me go since. He feeds me, bathes and cares for me, but he tortures me, shreds me to pieces and then puts me back together.

Heather’s traumatic transition to Mac/Mace is so vivid, it leaves you stunned, and yet somehow relieved that she’s found some way to cope.

The imagery, the sweetness, the terrifying details all come together in a masterpiece of darkness that will leave readers reeling long after the last page is finished. Redemption finally answers some of the questions left in Roman, but if you’re anything like, the percent remaining on your Kindle had you power reading in hopes that it wasn’t going to end.

When I finished Redemption, my first thought was- How would this play out on the big screen? Of course, I had to ask Kimber what she thought. So, before you start reading, cue up Buckcherry’s Crazy Bit*h. This is your opening soundtrack.

Now, picture Joe Manganiello, our favorite True Blood hottie Alcide, alcide-1-8playing the sadistic, twisted and sometimes sweet as hell Roman Payne.

Heather, and her twisted alter ego Mac/Mace is played by the stunning Sienna Miller.

Close your eyes and picture the scariest movie you’ve ever seen. Combine that with the image of the hottest movie you’ve ever seen, and then imagine Kimber, sitting in the director’s chair, a “what the hell are you planning now” smile on her face. You still wouldn’t come close to what these books would actually look like on the big screen. And the ending credits??? Have a listen to Kimber’s choice now:

“Ivy’s book is next,” Kimber assured me, “it will pick up when she is 15 or 16.” When asked what else she had up her sleeve, I got one of those smiles and three very intriguing words- “My funny book.”

Grab Roman’s Redemption NOW and be prepared to take a terrifying stroll down the darkest path you’ve ever walked. This is not a standalone, so make sure you read Roman first!

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Inescapable Desire Blog Tour: Interview with author Danielle Jamie





Savannah and Kayden’s relationship is full of passion; the chemistry between them is undeniable, but will their relationship be strong enough to withstand jealous exes and an unexpected tragedy that threatens to tear them apart.

After giving up on love, Savannah built a fortress around her heart; until Kayden storms into her life breaking through her resolve and the walls she built around her heart. Savannah took a huge leap of faith deciding to move from Los Angeles to Galveston Texas. She wants to be closer to Kayden and away from the insanity of L.A. Being the daughter of Country Music’s Hottest Duo and having a very public break up has made life in Los Angeles almost unbearable.

As soon as Savannah begins to feel like her life is finally piecing back together, men from her past come back into her life causing strain on her very new relationship with Kayden. Just when she thinks things cannot get any worse tragedy strikes; sending Savannah’s world crashing back down around her. Will her relationship with Kayden, be strong enough to with stand the new obstacles thrown at them? Or will it tear them apart forever?

My Review

Before you read Inescapable Desire, you MUST read Irresistible Desire. Make sure you have plenty of time because you are not going to want to put either one down until you’re finished. And please, do not throw your Kindle 😉

Inescapable Desire was an emotional roller-coaster. I fell in love with sexy country boy badass Kayden all over again. Any man willing to fight for his woman is definitely swoon worthy. Danielle Jamie’s story telling is so raw, so deep, that you experience it all for yourself. You’ll get mad, You’ll feel heartbroken. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll even blush.

The strength of Kayden and Savannah’s love is so absolute they can overcome anything. They will face a great deal of challenges in this book and at times I wondered how they would make it through.

There IS a huge, shocking cliff hanger at the end of Inescapable Desire (hence the warning about not throwing your Kindle) that will leave you reeling. Kayden’s POV completely broke my heart.

I will be sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what happens in the next book! A job well done Ms. Jamie!!!

My Interview with author Danielle Jamie


About the Book:
Where did the idea for this delightful little series come from?
I love country music and southern boys ha! So new I wanted to write a story combining the two. I’ve loved the name Savannah since I was pregnant for both daughters. Never used it so thought well now I get to! Same with Kayden lol.

I’ve always loved the State of Texas since I was a child, and wanted to write a story with a Sexy Oil Tycoon who had many layers to him. To everyone looking from the outside in they would see him as just one dimensional, but once you get to know him you see he’s really sweet and romantic. He just puts on this bad boy persona to protect himself.

With Savannah I wanted to write about a daughter to a country music duo who loves music, but not into the business herself. She has the talent to be but chose a different path in her life. I loved the idea of showing her with someone else and making us watch and root for her and Kayden to come together, not just rush it in beginning and not let fans connect or feel everything between them.


Are any of the characters based on real life people?
Savannah in looks and personality is based off of me, just a little taller, b/c I’m 4’11 seriously, it SUCKS so I lived vicariously through her. Getting to be taller, bigger boobs haaa and live somewhere you don’t get 3 feet of snow in the winter! lol

What has been the hardest part of writing this book and this series?
My self doubting would be the hardest thing and my worst demon. There are sooo many great books out there I have to compete with. To top it off there has been a huge jump I’ve noticed in love stories similar to what I’ve wanted to write for a long time. I was afraid it would seem familiar to other books. I was really worried people wouldn’t like it.

If your book was made into a move, who would play who?
I would love to play Savannah, but if not I would like to be a waitress at Drip!

What are your plans for future installments in this series?
Right now I just finished writing the notes for Book 3. It’s sad to think it’s the last story, but I’m excited to write their HEA.  I am currently writing POV’s for Kayden from Book 1 & 2 and putting them on my blog. A little treat for the fans to hold them over until Book 3.

About the Author:
Where/when do you do your best writing?
At night when kids are in bed I write a lot. I also try to write early in the morning when Finn’s sleeping and the girls are off to school. I run a boutique so time management is important. I write one of those 2-3x a day in between making bows LOL

Are you a word counter or a story flows kind of writer?
I don’t pay attention to word count until the very end. The way I do it is I set out what I want to cover in the book. Book 1 it was 18 chapters and I got everything in it I wanted. Book 2 was 20 chapters but then a Bonus 17 pages from Kayden’s POV because I wanted to get everything into the book I had set out to write. Book 3 I predict will be longer because there is a lot to cover.

On a scale of 1-10, how nervous were you when you clicked ‘submit’ on your first book? OMG 11 haaaa!!! I was almost in a full on panic attack. My friends all read and loved it but I said you are my friends so you could say it just to be polite ha. When the first few reviews and blogs said they love it, I about fell outta my chair!

How did you overcome your nerves?
I set a goal in high school that I would be a famous author one day. But then kids came and life happened. I didn’t think it was realistic and gave up on it. Then I started hearing about all the options to self publish. I said i gotta take the leap, push aside my fears and just go for it! If everyone hates it I can at least say I did it.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
Never think any dream is to big. You dream it hard enough it will turn into a reality. Best thing is get good Beta Readers who will give good feedback. Book 1 would have been totally different if it wasn’t for my friend Victoria Murphy. She said show Logan more, let characters get to know him so when he cheats we all feel it. It was the best advice I ever got. It paid off because fans LOVED IT.

About The Woman:
Favorite Color?
Hot Pink

Favorite Love Song?
All time Favorite is Tonic- If You Could Only See. But a close second is Blake & Miranda’s God Gave me You.

What do you listen to when your working out?
Right now my favorite work out song is Thrift Shop by Macklemore. It has such a great beat and just gets you pumped up!

Tea or Coffee?
Coffee during the day a MUST have! But I enjoy tea at night with honey.

What is your biggest fear?
Well one of my biggest is spiders. Living with a husband who refuses to go near them I’ve had to conquer that fear. So now I am the only spider killer in this house. My other is heights. I am so bad I can’t even climb monkey bars LMAO

Tell me something nobody else knows about you
That is so hard. I keep getting this questions and never know what to answer. I’m a pretty open book. But I guess the only thing is- everyone in my town see’s me as this little quiet thing. My close friends know truth is that if I’m comfortable around you I will talk your ear off. My childhood nickname was Mouth (lmao) because I talked SO MUCH! Another would be that I have a very sexy/kinky imagination, haaa. No one knew until I wrote Irresistible Desire

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Danielle is giving away this lovely bracelet to one lucky fan! Click on the picture to enter.

I am also doing a giveaway. All you have to do is like my Facebook page, then comment here and you are entered to win an eBook copy of Inescapable Desire! The link to my page is HERE. I will choose a winner for the the eBook on Friday June 7. You can also enter to win an Amazon gift card on my Facebook page. Just click on the Giveaway tab.


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Debut Blog: Review of SKALS 2-Bound by Vengeance & Interview with the author Adriana Noir


Hello all and welcome to the official launch of Intoxicating Reads. I am very excited to announce that our first blog post will feature a review of Bound by Vengeance and an interview with the amazing author of this book Adriana Noir!

I am a shameless book hussy. I absolutely love to read and I’ve dabbled in every genre. Or at least I thought I had – until I came across Sinister Kisses (SKALS). An Erotic Thriller by up-and-coming author Adriana Noir, it was the single most shocking, mind boggling trip through the human psyche I have ever experienced. I was absolutely giddy with excitement when I learned this would be a series and the next book was on its way! Before I share my ARC (yes people! I got an ARC) review of Bound by Vengeance here is a little info about SKALS:


Synopsis for Sinister Kisses

After a chance encounter in the woods leaves her shaken and reeling, the last thing Taylor McAvay wanted to do was accept an invitation to dinner. Then again, after seeing what Sebastian Baas was capable of, she felt she had little choice. The guy did just save her life, and the feel of his partner’s assault rifle pressed against her cheek still lingered in her mind.

What she discovers surprises her. Beneath the armor and fatigues is a smart, attentive, and sophisticated man. Unable to resist, Taylor finds herself drawn in by the Special Agent’s charm. Everything about Sebastian, from his imposing presence to his hypnotic eyes, pulls her under his spell. When a drive by shooting leaves her apartment riddled with bullets, she falls under his command as well–not to mention the shadow of a lethal, underground organization known as SKALS.

Her lover has a dark and dangerous side he tries to keep hidden, but when a series of events sends their lives spiraling out of control, she realizes there is much more to him than meets the eye. Whether she wants to leave or not doesn’t matter. Taylor soon learns, when it comes to Sebastian and SKALS, there is no escape.

***Pick up your copy of Sinister Kisses HERE***

Excerpts from My Review of Sinister Kisses

I have never read a work by this author and was absolutely blown away by the incredible talent displayed. Her style and delivery was very Stephen Kingesque. I have never fully experienced the broad range of emotions from a book that I did with this one.

This may well be the darkest, edgiest book that I have ever read. To say it was a thriller would be an understatement. This is most certainly NOT your typical romance, so toss out all your preconceived notions. Don’t expect the hero to be a white knight. Don’t expect the heroine to be an un-tamable hellion. And certainly don’t expect a typical HEA. This was a fantastic read and I encourage those who are not faint of heart to give it a try. I can’t wait for the next installment!!


Synopsis for Bound by Vengeance

Revenge is a very personal thing…

After eliminating a hostile SKALS member turned rouge, Sebastian returns home to deal with the aftermath. He no longer trusts his security team, and to make matters worse, he’s got blood on his hands he can’t wash clean. Still, he is determined to try and put an end to the past and start a new life with Taylor.

Everything in him wants to be the man she needs him to be, but that decision won’t come easy. His family is in shambles, his director is breathing down his neck, and worse of all, Steven Laychee is circling, looking for a way to take down the man who killed his brother.

It’s not a matter of if Laychee will strike. It’s a question of when and who will remain standing in the end.

My Review of Bound by Vengeance

Let me just say- WOW! And WOW some more!! You absolutely MUST read Sinister Kisses before reading this and be prepared to feel it all- love, hate, anger, sorrow, joy and hope!

As much as the feminist in me wants to hate Sebastian, I just can’t. He is so beautifully flawed and so amazingly sexy that it is impossible to do anything but love him. He is in fact, my new book boyfriend.

Sebastian’s love for Taylor is a palpable thing. It leaps off the pages. You experience his passion, his fears, his joy and his anguish as much as if these were your own feelings. He is still a maniacal, sadistic ass hole, but his stock definitely went up in this book.

My first impression of Taylor in Sinister Kisses was that she was sort of a weak, pushover. I am revising that impression 110% and offering my most sincere apologies. There is a huge difference between being weak and being submissive. Taylor is absolutely NOT weak. She exhibits a strength in Bound by Vengeance that most could only hope to possess. As much as I want to scream at the top of my lungs for her to run as far and as fast in the other direction, I realize not only does she absolutely breathe Sebastian, but he’d just find her anyway.

In true Noir fashion, there are several scenes in this book that will have you biting your nails and others that will have your jaw gaping, your fists clenching and your mind racing. You may even shed a tear or two….lord knows I did and that’s no easy feat… If I had one complaint it’s that the next book isn’t out yet! Really Adriana??!! You’re gonna make me wait?!?!

I cannot recommend SKALS or this author enough. The writing is flawless and the editing is impeccable. Adriana Noir is the epitome of Indie writing and I would not be surprised if this series gets picked up by a major publisher. It is gritty, edgy and so far out of the typical romance realm that it is in a world all its own.

***Pick up your copy of Bound by Vengeance HERE***

And Now…DRUM ROLL PLEASE…My Interview with the Lovely Ms. Adriana Noir!



1. How on earth did you get the inspiration for SKALS?

Let’s see. The inspiration for SKALS. *laughs* I guess I’m just sick. No really. You hear stories all the time in the news about agencies doing this, and agencies doing that. I think in a lot of ways, I tend to see both sides of the coin. Nothing in life is really black or white. There’s all these crazy shades in between, and a bunch of aspects or facts we might not know.

I just started thinking, what if there were secret assassin groups? What would these men be like? What sort of things would they have to do, and what toll would that take on them? That’s where Sebastian comes in. He’s endured some pretty horrific stuff. He’s been trained to shut certain aspects of himself down, but on the other hand, it’s something he grapples with doing. Those struggles cause conflict. Both between him and Taylor, and the SKALS organization itself.

Basically, I just wanted something dark, completely bad ass, but plausible to drive my plot and propel this journey.

2. If SKALS was made into a movie, who would play Sebastian and Taylor?

I can’t really answer that! Sebastian would be a tough one to play. The actor would have to be capable of portraying a wide range of profound emotion. Someone who could pull off those slightly psychotic moments but also be able to show a deep vulnerability. Uhm….hm. As for Taylor, I’ve always seen her as sort of the girl next door kind of beauty. Someone like Katie Parker. I loved her in Absentia.

3. Did you struggle with writing Sebastian’s character?

Yes and no. The first book was very hard that way. I know where he’s coming from, why he does certain things, and where he’s heading, but that’s not always an easy thing to convey. He can be terrifying at times. He can be cruel, but he can also be incredibly sweet and generous when it comes to the people he loves. Those layers made it a bit easier for me, and I think for *some* readers as well.

That said, there’s been plenty of times where I’d shake my head and wonder what the hell I’d gotten myself into, but I didn’t want to shy away or sugarcoat things just to make him more like-able  That would detract from the character and his struggles. I pretty much knew Sebastian was going to be a character people either loved or hated. Or hated to love. I’m okay with that.

4. Can Sebastian be “saved” or is he just too damaged for even Taylor to truly help?

I like to think so. In some ways, Taylor has already been a bit of a saving grace. She’s made him start to assess some things and brought out a side in him I don’t think even Sebastian fully knew existed. He’s trying, but I think in order to truly find redemption, he’s going to have to seek it himself—and with Marx and SKALS standing in his way, that won’t come easy.

5. Next book? Title? Release Date? *Bouncing Up and Down*

Edge of Obsession (SKALS #3), but the title ‘may’ change. Aiming for a late summer release. There is a brief excerpt at the end of Bound by Vengeance.

The Author

1. Who do you count among your literally icons?

There’s just so many amazing authors out there. I love Dean Koontz. (I’m so stoked the last book in the Odd Thomas series is coming out on my birthday this year!) I’ve also read a lot of Anne Rice, John Saul…Kathleen Woodiwiss wrote one of my favorite books of all time, The Wolf and the Dove. My reading tastes are pretty much all over the chart. There are some absolutely amazing indie authors too. Ones that perhaps aren’t icons yet, but they should be. My Kindle can’t keep up!

2. If you could have dinner with one author (living or not) who would it be and why?

Just one? Gosh! This is killing me! It’s like Sophie’s Choice. *ponders* Yeah…I literally spent an hour thinking on that one and still couldn’t decide. I’m horrible.

3. Where does your inspiration strike?

For some reason, I hit the bed and my brain goes into hyperactive overdrive. I don’t sleep much because of it. Music is also a huge trigger for me, so whenever I’m cleaning or driving. I guess it pretty much strikes in the places I want it to the least!

4. Are you a word-counter or a story-flows-till-its-done writer?

Definitely a story flows until it’s done type. There’s enough to worry about without stressing over the number of words. I try to just focus on what’s best for the story. On the other hand, I try to be mindful of people’s time and money as well. I don’t want to bog people down with something that’s so long it’s overwhelming or so short they feel ripped off.

The Woman

Tell me five random facts about you.

I’m beyond petrified of spiders—like to the point where they give me anxiety attacks.
My favorite place is the ocean. Can’t get enough.
I hate beer.
I used to have fangs. *laughs* My parents actually had my incisors filed when I was a kid.
I’m a huge animal lover, but possums scare the crap out of me. They remind me of giant rats. Not cute, people! Not cute!

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee! I think I’d die without it.

Favorite Book?
The Wolf and the Dove.

Adriana’s Website HERE

Facebook HERE