Facebook Events Hack for Giveaways


Facebook events are an awesome way to spread the word about your book (or whatever cool thing you have going on.) And a lot of times, there are giveaways involved. Maybe it’s a copy of a book, a gift card, some swag… Whatever it is, the way Facebook has events pages set up, sometimes it’s hard to go back in and find your posts. This little hack is an easy way to track your giveaway posts, or any posts you want to be able to find later on, so you can go back in, close them and pick a winner. ***Also good for participants who want to track a giveaway they have entered***

Step 1: Make sure the post has an image attached to it. This hack will NOT work unless there is an image. A links image doesn’t count either.

Here is an example of what DOES NOT work: “Add my book to your TBR list on Goodreads *www.goodreads.com/mybook*”
The link will post a preview image. This will not work.

Here is an example of what DOES work: Click on the little camera icon and add an image before you even type up your post. This could be an image of the book, some swag, or even just a goofy little picture. Then type up your post: “Add my book to your TBR list on Goodreads *www.goodreads.com/mybook*” The image you uploaded will be what is displayed instead of the link preview. This will work20141123_194050
Step 2: After you make the post click the “Share” button. Share the post in a private message to yourself. The message will be the image. Just click on the image in your message and it will pop up with the post. You can go close it out and post the winners right there in the comments. Easy as pie 🙂


Anyone who is actually attending the event (by clicking “Going”) can do this. It is not limited to the person who created the post.

*Side Note* The event needs to be set up so posts can be shared. I believe in order for that to be the case, under the event setting, you need to click “Edit” and select either “Public” or “Open Invite”. If you are not a host for the event, ask the host to do this.

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